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October 14, 2010

10 reasons to advertise in a newspaper special section

If you're trying to lure advertisers to your special sections, here are 10 reasons they should consider purchasing ads, courtesy of the Newspaper Association of America: 

1. Special sections allow you to focus your ads on a specific target market.  

2. Special sections create market places within the newspaper to draw targeted audiences. In some cases, special sections create a marketplace where none has been before. They can also tie-in to a specific event or time of year making it more relevant for the reader.  

3. Special sections add content support for your advertising.  

4. Newspapers typically promote special sections—getting incremental traffic for your ads. Often special sections are distributed at major events or in other ways to enhance your audience, as well.  

5. Special sections are typically stand-alone sections within the newspaper making them and your ad easily located.  

6. Special sections are typically saved, giving your ad longer shelf life.  

7. Special sections often tie your brand more closely to the community you serve.  

8. Special sections are great opportunities for co-op and vendor funding.  

9. Special sections are great ways to test the viability of the newspaper.  

10. Special sections allow you to finitely target merchandise and services that would appeal to the special section reader. 

Source: The Newspaper Association of America


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